Application of the general conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale govern the terms of sale between SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE and its customers.
By placing an order, the customer agrees to accept the general conditions of sale. We reserve the right to replace one vintage with the next, unless you order otherwise.


1 - Price

The prices of our wines are in Euro (€), excluding tax for professionals and including tax (TTC)  for individuals, excluding shipping costs. Any change of rate will be reported.


2 - Order

All orders must be made in writing to be taken into consideration by email or mail. If the products ordered are available, your order will be processed within 6 working days. If the products ordered are not available the day you order, they will be sent to you as soon as they are available. In case of vintage change, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone. Any request for cancellation of an order must be made before shipping the products, to be taken into consideration. The minimum time to notify us is 24 hours before the date of departure of packages. This cancellation must be done by email or telephone.


3 - Delivery

The order will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer. It will be routed to the recipient through our usual transportation provider. The Customer is in particular to check the condition of the packaging and the contents of the package (s) upon delivery, to reconcile the quantity and references delivered from the order form. If damage is found (cardboard damaged), the customer must take reservations with the carrier, no damage can be taken into account if reservations were not made upon delivery. The customer is also required to inform within 48 hours after the receipt of the package SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE any damage caused by transport. If a package arrives at the damaged recipient (broken of one or more bottles), the recipient must refuse the package and notify the SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE. Upon receipt of this information, SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE undertakes to return to the recipient immediately an identical package. In any case, SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE will not be held responsible for deterioration of quality of products and their packaging caused by transport. If the package is returned to the SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE on the grounds of "incomplete address" or "false address", the SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE undertakes to contact the customer to inform him of the situation and to request additional information on the address or a new shipping address. The costs of this reshipment will be borne by the customer. Of course, in this situation, the starting point of the new delivery time will be linked to the receipt of new information concerning the new address. The price of transport does not include ancillary services such as de-palletizing, mounting packages upstairs or storage in a cellar.


4 - Risk transfer

Unless otherwise agreed, our wines travel at the risk and peril of the recipient. The wines removed in our cellar are considered approved by our customers. The risks related to the goods are correlatively transferred to the buyer as soon as they are withdrawn.


5 - Billing - payment

The payment of the order can be carried out either online, by transfer, or by sending a check payable to SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE. The invoice of the products will be addressed to any order made by a Company. The customer's account will be debited only the amount of products ordered and actually delivered. The customer guarantees to SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the order form. For the sake of security of payment, we authorize to ask for supporting documents or to request the payment of the order by bank transfer or check.


6 - Liability - force majeure

The liability of SARL BIODYNAMIC WINE can not be engaged in case of breach of contract, in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, force majeure and, especially in case of total or partial strike, flood, fire or other natural disasters and generally all events that do not allow the proper execution of the order. Consequently, the supplier will be obliged to warn his client as soon as such an event occurs by any means at his convenience. During the period of the force majeure, the contract is suspended, but in no case the force majeure suspends the payment of the goods already delivered.


7 - Dispute Resolution

Seller and buyer will make every effort to amicably settle their differences. Failing this, and unless expressly stated otherwise in the contract, they undertake to bring their disputes to the courts of the seller's domicile.